Extended Car Warranty: Best Prices Are In Your Grasp

The manufacturer’s warranty on your car is important but sadly it has a shelf life. Giving yourself peace of mind beyond the period of the manufacturer’s warranty is therefore very important, especially given the high cost of auto repairs these days. Extended car warranties are a life saver in this regard.

But how do you go about negotiating the best price? This brief article is your guide and after reading you will become an expert negotiator with extended car warranties.

You can buy an extended car warranty at the time of purchasing the car new or you can buy it after the manufacturer’s warranty has run out.

You’ll just have more leverage at the time of initial purchase because a dealer will know that there isn’t an urgent need to protect your car from prospective damage. You can therefore use this leverage to negotiate the best deal possible on the price for the extended coverage.

Of course, you may be reading this with a 9 year old car and want an extended car warranty right now. This is doable too but slightly trickier.

Since your manufacturer’s warranty may have already run out, there will be very little leverage that you have in terms of protection. In this case your best approach is to work out the most suitable coverage for your needs.

Basic coverage will cover the powertrain whilst more extensive coverage will cover things like tires and windscreen. The person selling the coverage will of course try to convince you that what you need is bumper-to-bumper coverage – the most expensive.

Often though, this will hardly be necessary and unless you know for fact that you live in a) a high risk area or b) you use your car in high risk situations, basic coverage will usually be good enough.

The ultimate leverage though is ‘shopping around’ and you can’t go far wrong by doping some comparison shopping online. There are plenty extended car warranty companies online and they are literally fighting one another for your business. Don’t settle for the first offer that comes along.

Always try to get maximum coverage (with extras) without going overboard on costs.

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