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Will You Need an Extended Warranty? The Answer May Surprise You

The Toyota Prius is a real beauty and one of America’s best-selling hybrid cars. It is also very expensive and a 2015 model will set you back $30,000. Why am I telling you all this? Well, the answer is simple: … Read More>>

Extended Car Warranty: Best Prices Are In Your Grasp

The manufacturer’s warranty on your car is important but sadly it has a shelf life. Giving yourself peace of mind beyond the period of the manufacturer’s warranty is therefore very important, especially given the high cost of auto repairs these … Read More>>

How to Avoid Auto Repair Rip-Offs: 10 Essential Tips

There’s probably only one thing worse than having something brake on your car: having the mechanic cheating you out $700 to fix it. The truth is that the line between having a problem diagnosed and getting fixed is a more … Read More>>

Essential Things You Should Know About Extended Auto Warranties

Extended auto warranties are one of those things many car owners hear about, but never quite take the time to get to grips with. If you are looking to educate yourself about this very important element of car ownership, then … Read More>>

Owning a New Car: 4 Reasons Leasing is a Good Option

The path to car ownership can be a rocky one for many people and few people get it right the first time—especially when buying a new or fairly new car. Most would-be car buyers are put off by the high … Read More>>

Engine Oil Management: Why Understanding the Basics of Oil Can Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Cars have come a long way since the Ford Model T. Engines now come in types, have various range of cylinders, and the moving parts have made them incredibly more complex. At their core though, engines require the same basic … Read More>>

5 Hidden Elements of Extended Auto Warranty Coverage

Some extended auto warranty companies don’t operate much differently from other types of insurance companies; the aim is always to take your money and find clever ways of not fulfilling their end of the bargain. You must be on your … Read More>>

Auto Warranty or Auto Insurance? Do You Know What is Covered Under Each?

Many people are confused by what is covered under their cars auto warranty as opposed to their car’s auto insurance policy. This confusion is borne out of the closeness in scope – both offer protection against problems when they occur. … Read More>>

How to Get the Best Extended Car Warranty to Match Your Budget

Extended car warranties are essential if you are going to protect your asset and keep your car on the road, but sometimes finding the best warranty isn’t easy. The process becomes even harder when you are unclear about the fundamentals … Read More>>

Good Tires Are Essential: Protect Them With A Solid Warranty

Next to your brakes, there’s probably no other part on your car that is as important as your tires when it comes to safety. Without good tires you run the risk of accidents, and you also suffer other important operational … Read More>>

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